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During the last four years, Tel-Net S.A. was able to form a varied clientele and strengthened its co-operations with firms of the private sector, as well as with public owned organizations which cover lots of areas of the secondary and tertiary sector. Tel-Nets customers are distinguished in the following CATEGORIES:

Public Sector: Public Companies and Organizations, Social Security Organizations

Education: Educational Institutions (primary, secondary, universities, technical colleges)

Companies & Organisations:

  • Telecommunication Providers
  • Industries (chemical, gas, tobacco, paper, packaging materials, electronics)
  • Small Industries (clothing, electric, electronics )
  • Technical (construction, mechanic)
  • Tourism (hotels, general tourism, airline companies representatives, restaurants)
  • Marine
  • Trading ? Importing (car parts and accessories, chemical products, metals, hydraulic, electronics)
  • Service Providers (advertising, stock-exchange, insurance, business consulting, market research, publishing, graphic design, accounting/taxing, diagnostic centers)
  • Free lancers (lawyers, notaries, doctors, engineers, graphic artist, juridical commissaries translators)
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